Stourbridge and Gornal Wood Crematoria

H. Porter & Sons and any involved clergy/celebrant will guide you through what you should and could include in a funeral service. We pride ourselves in being able to tailor funerals to suit your wishes and if you have an idea that you would like to incorporate, please talk it through with us. We are confident that we can personalise a funeral to suit exactly what you and your loved one would have wanted.

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council issue advice on arranging a funeral service in Stourbridge and Gornal Wood Crematoria, and for your reference, we provide these details below. Please speak to us if you are unsure of any details or require clarification.


  • Both Stourbridge and Gornal Wood Crematoria allocate set chapel service times.
  • In addition, 5 minutes is allocated for entry and 5 minutes for exit from the chapel.


  • If a family member or friend would like to speak at the service, consider either reducing the number of pieces of music to ensure that the tribute readings can be accommodated within the prescribed time.
  • Please liaise with your funeral director and the person officiating at the service.

Music requirements to consider

  • 1 CD track or organ music on entry.
  • 1 CD track or 2 hymns or 1 piece of music during the service.
  • 1 CD track or organ music on committal of the coffin.
  • 1 CD track or organ music on exit.

Please be aware of the length of each piece of music.

Additional time

  • If you think that the contents of the service will be more than the allocated time, please speak to your funeral director about arranging a ‘double time’. (Please be aware that there are additional crematorium costs for this.)
  • The double time option may also be necessary if you expect a large number of people at the service, or if you would like to add extra content.
  • If a choir, soloist or instrumentalist is to perform, please consider the time that will be needed to set up any equipment.