Are we the most sustainable funeral director in the UK? We’d like to think we’re on the shortlist. H. Porter and Sons is passionate about keeping up-to-date with the latest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) measures. Our team cares deeply about the environment and wants to reduce our impact on the planet. Sustainability is important in all parts of our business from raw materials and products, to suppliers, operations and logistics. Crucially, we do this in an inclusive, consultative way to make sure everyone is on board with our eco journey. Additionally, we’re proud that our team of staff is paid above the National Living Wage. And the benefits we provide are aimed at enhancing our colleagues’ lives inside and outside of work. Read on to see the individual focus areas of our sustainable approach.

Funerals and the environment

We’re delighted to offer LifeArt coffins, which produce 87% less harmful emissions during cremation and use 80% fewer trees in their manufacture. We firmly believe that these coffins are the future, and we want to act now to preserve our local, national and global environments. In a bid to encourage uptake and protect the planet, from 2024 any clients choosing a LifeArt coffin or a natural burial will have a tree planted and dedicated to their loved one in Uffmoor Woods, just a few miles away.
We believe that all businesses should prioritise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and for H. Porter & Sons that means doing all we can to address the environmental impact of funerals. LifeArt coffins are lighter to carry, manufactured to a high standard and – in our opinion – look beautiful. We are also pleased to offer woodland burials, other biodegradable coffins and ashes urns, including those that biodegrade in water, and are suitable for the burial of ashes at sea.

Please see our Brochures page for the LifeArt Coffins brochure.