Funeral arrangements are normally made following the registration or upon completion of a Coroner’s enquiry. However, should there be a delay, we would be happy to see you sooner to make provisional arrangements. We ask you to make an appointment to arrange a funeral, so that we can ensure that a funeral director is available to talk to you at the time you desire. The funeral director will need to have, in due course, the Certificate for Burial or Cremation (green form) which the Registrar will have given you when you registered the death. Your appointment with our funeral director will take around one hour, depending on the level of detail that you wish to discuss and the complexity of the arrangements and service.

We offer a choice of Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans, one of which can be customised to suit your precise requirements. Please click here to find out more.

Our funeral directors hold, or are working towards the National Association of Funeral Directors Diploma, and we are pleased to be able to offer both male and female funeral directors. Please advise us if you have a particular preference.

If a person has died elsewhere in the UK or overseas, we can make arrangements for transportation back to our premises for a local funeral. We can also handle arrangements when a person has passed away in this area and the funeral service is to be held elsewhere as we have very close links with all parts of the country through our professional associations.

We are experienced in funeral arrangements to and from other countries including the various regulations and documentation required.

When funeral arrangements are being made, you will be asked to pay for any disbursements (ie, costs we have to pay out on your behalf prior to the funeral) before the funeral can take place.

Religious and non-religious services

We are happy to respond to requests for a wide range of religious and non-religious funerals. We have in-depth knowledge and experience in Church of England, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Free Church, United Reformed and non-conformist bereavement practices as well as humanist, non-religious requirements. In the past we have accommodated Muslim funeral requirements in providing an area for washing of the deceased and have conducted Muslim funerals. We have also assisted in the arrangements for Buddhist, Greek Orthodox and Jewish funerals. We are very flexible and accommodating, whatever your requirements may be, and we can cater to your precise requests.

Bespoke and personalised funerals

A funeral is a very personal occasion. At H. Porter and Sons we will do everything we can to help you make the funeral the way you want it. There is no need to follow a traditional approach if you would like something different. A funeral can be a celebration of life, with bright clothes. Our staff can wear brightly coloured ties (we have a number to choose from) to reflect the favourite colour of your loved one or perhaps the colour of their favourite sports team. We have had bikers escorting our funeral cars, we could have runners running behind the cortege of a runner. A guard of honour is often associated with military funeral, but it could apply to all sorts of trades or interests. Perhaps someone would like to sing a solo at a funeral, play an instrument or another kind of performance. Perhaps even a choir or band! Whatever your thoughts are, please talk them over with us and let us make the funeral as personal and tailored as it can be.