At H​.​ Porter & Sons​, we are passionate about protecting the planet ​​and are mindful of the environmental impact ​of our activities.​ It’s why we’ve developed a clear environmental policy that informs decisions from transport to energy use.​ ​ Additionally, all of our team​ have undergone environmental awareness training.

We are​ incredibly​ proud to​ be​ ​the first funeral director in the UK to achieve ​the Greener Globe Funeral Award​’s​ Platinum award​,​ and are members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors.

​​We always ensure that the families in our care are aware of our most ​environmentally friendly options​, which​ are available as part of all of our funeral packages and as part of pre-paid plans.

For our greenest funeral, we can offer: 

  • Sustainable, biodegradable and locally sourced coffins, caskets and ashes containers  
  • ​​N​o embalming
  • Natural burial in a local woodland burial site
  • Cremation at a local crematorium with facilities that include the very latest advanced filtration and abatement technologies and other features to ​minimise​ emissions​,​ including being one of only a small number of facilities in the UK to have NOx abatement. 
  • Seasonal, locally sourced ​floral ​tributes, without plastic, oasis or ribbons 
  • At some venues, provision of a tree to be planted on the grave
  • AT some venues, provision of a natural/biodegradable grave marker
  • No vehicles, apart from our hearse or alternative transport
  • Provision of natural fibre shroud
Wrottesley Park Eco-Funeral Location
Heritage Oak Coffin