With the support of Hortulani, run by two local horticulturists who both live within a five-minute walk of our premises, we’ve developed a wellbeing garden for our staff. We love working with Hortulani as we know our values align perfectly with theirs. Find our more here: https://www.hortulani.com/

The wellbeing garden provides colleagues with a calming outdoor space to enjoy fresh air and nature. In fact, it’s part of an exciting plan to rewild various outdoor spaces at our South Road premises. The aim is to create a haven for beneficial pollinator insects, butterflies and birds through various plants and bug hotels. When planting, our focus is also considerate of species indigenous to the UK, with local suppliers used as a priority.

But not only does the garden provide food for wildlife, it also features fruit and herbs that our staff are welcome to pick. This reduces the need to buy produce in plastic packaging. So, if you fancy a nice soothing cup of organically-grown mint or camomile tea, a pear or some blueberries, pop in to H. Porter & Sons.

Nick with a water butt in July