The embalming process is a hygienic and cosmetic process which can restore natural appearances and affords freedom from infection to those handling and viewing the deceased. It would also increase, by a small amount, the time between death and the funeral, if required. We would always embalm the deceased if the person arranging the funeral has requested that they or family and friends may wish to view them. Please advise us if you would prefer that embalming did not take place. Embalming is not a requirement for burial or cremation.


Our private, peaceful, chapels of rest allow you to pay your last respects to your loved one. These are air-conditioned and have a number of seats for your comfort. We ask that you make an appointment to view and if you should need any help during your visit, a member of staff can accompany you. If you wish to provide a set of clothing for the deceased, we ask that you bring this prior to viewing so that dressing may take place. Otherwise you can select one of our gowns at the time of arranging the funeral. If you simply wish to sit alongside the closed coffin in one of our chapels, we are happy to arrange this for you. We can also arrange to have the coffin brought to your home or taken into church prior to the funeral service, for family and friends to pay their final respects.

Newspaper announcements

We will be pleased to help compile and place on your behalf, death announcements and acknowledgements in both local and national papers. The newspapers will invoice us directly and we will add this to your funeral invoice.


Many people decide to accept donations to charity either instead of or as well as flowers. We are happy to receive donations in memory of the deceased for any registered charities and administer this on behalf of our clients. Charities selected could be one which the deceased was involved in or supported, a charity that supported them (such as the hospice, or a cancer charity) or one that is just thought to be appropriate. Approximately three weeks after the funeral, our clients are contacted to advise that we believe all donations are received and to enquire as to whether they have any to add. When this is finalised, a list of donors and the final total advice is sent to our client. A similar letter is sent to the charity advising them of the particulars of the donations and official receipts are requested.

Recording names

If requested, we can record the names of those attending the service and provide clients with a printed list. There is an additional charge for this service.

Orders of service and other printing

You may wish to have personalised service sheets printed, giving the order of service and hymns. We can design and print these in consultation with the officiating minister and yourself. Please let us know as soon as possible if this service is required. These service sheets can also have details of where mourners should go after the funeral, if you are planning refreshments. We can also include a photo of the deceased on the front cover. We will be pleased to show you our samples of service sheets, which can usually be printed within 24 hours.


We work with local florist Jan Burbie, who offers a personal service and will hold floral consultations in your home, or here at our premises, by appointment. Jan provides a wide range of floral tributes suitable for funerals, from wreaths to coffin sprays, crosses and specialist designs. She can be contacted through our funeral directors or directly on 01384 401356 or 07814 321709. The cost for the flowers can be added to the funeral account. We are happy to provide details of other local florists who will be able to help with funeral flowers, and have shops if you wish to look at the types of flowers available to help your decision-making. All florists will deliver either to an address you request, or to our premises prior to the funeral.