Arranging funerals on a daily basis can take its toll on people. To support our staff in what can be a difficult and distressing job, we place a high priority on mental health and offer training and regular opportunities to discuss feelings. One of our latest initiatives in this sphere is the creation of a ‘wellbeing garden,’ which has been designed and developed by two fantastic local horticulturalists Rachel Wells and Helen Kelly, of Hortulani.

The healing power of gardens is well-known – not only due to their ability to help calm busy minds but also because plants sustain and nourish us and can cure a range of ailments. In addition to pollinator-friendly flowering plants such as geum and lavender, we’re introducing a variety of herbs to which our staff are welcome to pick for the table and to use in herbal teas. The aim is to provide a peaceful space in which our team can process some of the more difficult things they’ve experienced in their work, as well as a bit of free, organic produce without any plastic packaging. We’re certain the wellbeing garden is going to be good for our employees and wildlife – and we think it’s a great example of how taking care of people and nature often go hand in hand.

With thanks to Rachel and Helen for their great work!