A little over 12 months ago, the Competition and Markets Authority ruled that all funeral directors in the UK would have to display certain information about pricing in their premises and on websites. 

At H. Porter & Sons we are proud to comply with these requirements, which include the publication of a standardised price list allowing the public to compare costs among different providers.

In fact, we’ve published all our prices online for a number of years as we believe passionately in transparency. 

For customers of all funeral directors, it’s worth knowing that alongside the recent CMA rules a new era of high standards is being ushered in by the industry itself. 

As members of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD), we recently became regulated by the newly founded IFSO (Independent Funeral Standards Organisation). 

This was set up by the NAFD in response to growing scrutiny of the profession with the aim of delivering a more independent approach to monitoring and enforcing standards. 

In practice, we comply with the NAFD’s Funeral Director Code covering areas such as client care, care of the deceased, training and operational facilities. 

But our adherence to the Code is assessed during visits by separate IFSO inspectors. 

Further details about the code can be found here

We’re also members of the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), which has developed a wide-ranging new code of practice and an enhanced Quality Assurance Programme, which recently achieved ISO 9001 accreditation. 

This means it is operated in accordance with globally recognised management standards. 

SAIF too inspects our premises and requires us to correct any breaches of its code. And while we could face financial sanction or expulsion in the event of persistent breaches, the emphasis is very much on helping businesses to improve in order to ultimately benefit customers. 

In addition to a commitment to high standards and transparency through trade association and IFSO membership, we are also pleased to have achieved bronze certification in the Greener Globe Funeral Awards

This new scheme is aimed at helping businesses to tread more lightly on the planet and fits with our philosophy of protecting the environment. We do this by procuring recyclable or compostable goods, reducing vehicle journeys, offering more eco-friendly coffin options and supporting local suppliers.  

All in all, these different initiatives to maintain and continually improve standards provide reassurance to our customers – and the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are always striving to deliver a higher level of care at life’s most difficult time.