While we recently welcomed three fantastic new team members, we also said a fond farewell to two of our longest serving colleagues, who retired this spring. 

Between them Geoff (pictured right) and Martin have diligently served bereaved families with H. Porter & Sons for an incredible 55 years, witnessing many changes in the business and to funerals themselves. 

Both gentlemen have made a huge contribution in the course of their work, which ranged from preparing coffins and driving our hearses to supporting families on the day of the funeral and maintaining our vehicles and facilities.

Speaking ahead of his retirement, Geoff commented that the business had always felt like a family. 

He said: “It’s been an amazing company to work for. I was here when the late John Porter was in charge and he was hugely respected by the team. When his daughter Lucy took over we thought there might be lots of changes but we needn’t have worried. The business has stuck true to its values, whilst moving with the times in terms of meeting people’s changing expectations around funeral services. It has been an absolute privilege to work here as part of this closeknit team for both Lucy and the families we care for.”  

Colleague Martin added that while funerals had evolved greatly over the years some things continued to remain important.

“Nowadays, people have become more involved in the funeral process and want services that are personalised and reflect the life of their loved one. But dignity and respect are still as important as ever – that never changes. For example, you see that when you’re driving the hearse, with members of the public pausing, bowing or giving way. 

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my career with H. Porter & Sons, they’re a brilliant team and local families know that when they choose to have a funeral arranged by this business, they are in the best, most caring hands,” he said. 

Business owner and Director Lucy Porter wished the men well in their retirement. 

“Geoff and Martin have been invaluable team members for many years and are very much part of the fabric of the business. The funeral profession is all about providing care and support at life’s most difficult time and I can honestly say that they have both gone above and beyond the call of duty in the service of others. We will miss Geoff and Martin dearly and all wish them a long and happy retirement,” she said.