We are now able to advise families of an increase in the number of mourners permitted at burial and cremation funeral services at Dudley Council’s crematoria and cemeteries in Stourbridge and Gornal Wood. 

Stourbridge Crematorium 

A maximum of 10 mourners are allowed into the chapel for cremation services, however, a further 15 mourners can stand outside under the canopy keeping to government social distancing guidance of 2m between each person. 

Gornal Wood Crematorium 

A maximum of 16 mourners are allowed into the chapel for cremation services at the crematorium, with a further 15 mourners permitted to stand outside the chapel, if observing social distancing guidance. 

Burials in borough cemeteries 

The number of mourners allowed for burials in the borough cemeteries is 30, however, only six close family members are permitted to stand near the grave with everyone else standing back and observing social distancing guidance 

Additionally, funeral director bearers conveying the coffin from the hearse to the catafalque are required to leave the chapel before mourners can enter. Families are allowed to carry the coffin into the chapel themselves if requested. 

All funeral services in the chapel will still need to have curtains closed at the committal. 

Certain cultural rituals to honour the deceased, such as witnessing the coffin charge for cremation and the backfilling of graves by families on burials, continue to be suspended.  

We will provide further updates as they become available, however, if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01384 395048.