For many weeks, coronavirus infection risks have meant that funeral directors have been unable to conduct face-to-face funeral arrangements or provide a limousine service.

H. Porter & Sons is pleased to announce that both of these important aspects of funerals can now be offered again, thanks to the installation of Perspex screens in our arrangement rooms and limousines. We also have a full-height screen in our reception area to allow the safe collection and delivery of documents.

Whilst we remain unable to shake hands or provide a comforting hug, we feel that returning the personal connection to funerals will prove invaluable to grieving families.

Indeed, limousines play an important role by allowing a family to formally join the funeral cortege and take part in a loved one’s final journey.

However, it’s really important for our families’ welfare and our staff’s that we follow a set of rules.

The rules we have put together are in line with current Government advice and combine our many years of caring experience with information from our governing bodies and trade associations.

Our limousines’ Perspex screens are behind the front seats (driver and front passenger) and in front of the first row of passenger seats. (Our office screens are fitted to the desks in our arrangement rooms.)

Whilst it’s still the case that the safest way for you to travel to a funeral currently is in your own private car, if you do require a limousine, we are able to offer this service on the following basis:

All passengers should pay full attention to the driver and follow any instructions given.

Limousines are only available for short journeys – H. Porter & Sons classes this as 6 miles from our premises at DY8 3UJ.

One household only per limousine – only if you share a home can you share a limousine.

In the interests of safety, if H. Porter & Sons’ staff suspect there is more than one household trying to travel in one limousine, then our staff will not convey a second or third household. If there is more than one household, you will need to book an additional limousine or make alternative arrangements.

H. Porter & Sons reserves the right to refuse entry to a limousine to anyone from an additional household or those who are unwell or have been in contact with someone with Covid-19.

H. Porter & Sons will not convey anyone who is isolating due to a member of their household or someone who they have been in contact with, having Covid-19.

H. Porter & Sons does not recommend that anyone who is ‘shielding’ travels in a limousine.

A maximum of 6 passengers can be carried in each limousine, providing they are from the same household.

Passengers are to occupy the same seat on outward and return journeys.

All passengers are recommended to wear face coverings regardless of whether they are from the same household. Passengers are to supply their own masks and gloves for personal use.

H. Porter & Sons’ staff will be wearing masks.

The air conditioning will not be in use in our limousines during this period – this is to prevent shared air circulating between the passengers and driver. Please open the windows if you need fresh air.

All passengers are to use the provided hand sanitiser when entering the limousine at the starting location and again at service location (i.e. crematorium or church) Do not remove this from our vehicles.

Small packs of tissues will be provided in the rear of our limousines – please share one pack if possible and take it with you when you leave.

Passengers who require more space are advised to use the rear seating – the screen between the driver and the first row of seating means space for knees and feet in the footwell is slightly reduced. Children are also advised to use the back row.

If you have a wheelchair/walking aid/pushchair with you, our staff will open the boot of the limousine for you to stow your item and remove it afterwards. Please bring your own umbrellas as we will not be able to provide them at this time.

H. Porter & Sons’ staff will open the doors for you on arrival at your home/crematorium – please allow the staff to then stand well back before alighting from the limousine.

If you have family members who need assistance getting in and out of the car, the accompanying passengers will need to provide this help at this time.

H. Porter & Sons will make a charge for the provision of a limousine – if the above stipulations are not followed on the day, and the limousine is not used, you will still be charged.

H. Porter & Sons reserves the right of refusal to supply the service if a client has not complied with the terms on which limousines are being provided.