Supporting families at their most difficult time can be emotionally challenging. When someone is distressed it’s very hard not to share their pain. Because while we’re trained professionals, we’re also human. 

H. Porter & Sons is always on the lookout for ways to better support staff in their challenging yet rewarding work. 

Some of the things we’ve done to date include mental health first aid training and the creation of a wellbeing garden, with the able assistance of local gardening gurus at Hortulani. 

This means we now have dedicated mental health first aiders to whom colleagues can turn in confidence if they’re struggling. 

And the garden is brimming with wildlife-friendly plants, as well as seasonal fruit and herbs that our team can eat or use in calming teas.

But our latest addition to our wellbeing strategy is the emergency snack box. As you can imagine, it’s a popular initiative.

The box is there for when people feel like they need the occasional comforting treat. Alternatively, it can fill a hungry gap at busy times, or if someone has forgotten to bring part of their lunch.

As you’d expect, the snacks included in the box are super tasty, with vegan, gluten free and low fat options. 

We’ve also made a conscious effort to ensure they’re sustainable. The majority of the products come from B Corp businesses, meaning they’re carbon neutral, have recyclable or compostable packaging and avoid palm oil. 

Brands include Proper, Perkier, Tony’s Chocolonely, Kallo and Alpro. 

In fact, this is an approach we’re extending to all our suppliers. Between now and 2026, we are assessing the businesses we buy from, to ensure they take Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) seriously.

We’re also keen to collaborate with other companies that care about ESG. If your business has implemented a scheme to care for staff wellbeing and the environment, we’d love to hear about it. Simply contact Lucy Porter at